The Doc Magilligan's Story

We invite you to join us in Niagara Falls to be a part of our history and we hope you enjoy your time with us, time and time again!

Our Story | Doc Magilligan's Pub

The Magilligan Family

Our story starts with John Magilligan, a hard-working builder from Dungiven, Ireland. John’s commitment to his work established him as one of the best-known tradesmen in the county and earned him the nickname, “Honest John”.

In the wake of the Great Famine in Ireland, John’s family made the dangerous cross-Atlantic voyage. John went on to marry and have 4 children, 3 of whom were sons. Despite desperate times, the family flourished thanks to John’s solid work ethic and all of his sons went on to become doctors.

Dr. Francis Magilligan, one of John's sons, married the beautiful Anna (we salute her with a drink named in her honour) and the ambitious young couple settled happily in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where they raised their 8 children.

Future Generations

Two full generations later, their great, great-granddaughter, Maureen Magilligan, married Fred Cade  who, along with his brother Len and his wife Elizabeth, own the thriving Niagara location where Doc Magilligan’s Pub now sits.

As the story is told our good Doctor was always the life of the party and was as comfortable enjoying a round as he was making them.

It’s fitting, then, that this pub was built completely in Ireland and serves to celebrate the very spirit of the man himself through an inexhaustible outpouring of good cheer, great company, and fantastic food and drink.

Future Generations | Doc Magilligan's Pub
From Ireland to Niagara | Doc Magilligan's Pub

From Ireland To Niagara

In the Fall of 2014, a large shipping container arrived in the parking lot at 6400 Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, future home of Doc Magilligan’s Restaurant & Irish Pub. Inside, nearly every component that makes up the current pub was packed, having come straight from Ireland.

The bar was handcrafted for our location and shipped alongside hundreds of authentic Irish pub memorabilia, pulled from pubs around Ireland that have since closed their doors. These pieces help the true feel of Ireland shine through, providing Niagara’s most authentic Irish pub experience.

Within you’ll find dozens of unique items that provide a look into Irish pub history. Alongside our huge selection of whiskey, comfort food inspired menu and spirit of high-quality service, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into one of Dublin’s famous pubs.

Drinks Doc Magilligan's

Award-winning Ambiance

Doc Magilligan's was voted one of the top ten Irish Pubs in North America by the Irish Pubs Global Awards.

It's All About Comfort Food

No trip to a pub would be complete without some delicious comfort food, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Niagara’s most authentic Irish pub and restaurant.

Raising a Glass to Whiskey

We have over 20 draught taps featuring Irish, domestic and local beers, Niagara’s largest whiskey selection and handcrafted cocktails.

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