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The story of Doc Magilligan


Our story starts with John Magilligan, a hard working builder from Dungiven, Ireland. John’s commitment to his work established him as one of the best known tradesmen in the county and earned him the nickname, ‘Honest John.’

In the tumultuous wake of the Great Famine in Ireland, John’s family - along with millions of others made the dangerous Atlantic voyage to the New World. John went on to marry and have 4 children, 3 of which were sons. Despite these tough times, the family flourished thanks to John’s solid work ethic and all 3 of his sons went on to become doctors. 

One of these sons, the notoriously amiable Dr. Francis Magilligan, married the beautiful Anna and the ambitious young couple settled happily in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where they raised a family of 8 children. (A doctor’s wife with 8 children... we salute Anna with a cocktail in her name on our bar menu!) 

Ambition, it seems, runs in the family. Two full generations later, their great, great-granddaughter, Maureen Magilligan, married Fred Cade and, who along with his brother Len and his wife Elizabeth own the thriving Niagara location where Doc Magilligan’s Pub now sits. 

As the story is told our good Doctor was always the life of the party and was as comfortable enjoying a round as he was making them. It’s fitting then that this pub was built completely in Ireland and serves to celebrate the very spirit of the man himself through an inexhaustible outpouring of good cheer, great company, and fantastic food and drink. 

The Cade family invite you to be part of their history and hopes you enjoy your time with us, time and time again. Sláinte!