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Ah, Irish Coffee - perhaps the only Irish drink that rivals Guinness for popularity. Contrary to popular belief, traditional Irish Coffee is not coffee with Irish Cream. The original Irish Coffee is a hot beverage consisting of coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar.


This delicious drink is mixed together and then topped with thick cream. While the drink is often topped with whipped cream today, the original recipe is explicit in saying that the cream should not be whipped. A small variation, and a point of contention among some. Regardless, Irish Coffee is meant to be enjoyed by sipping the beverage through the cream. 

Irish Coffee has stood the test of time. The official documented history of Irish History begins in 1940 with Joe Sheridan, the principle chef at the terminal restaurant at the Port of Foyne in County Limerick. A group of American passengers were forced to return to the terminal after bad weather sent their Pan Am flying boat back. Sheridan added a splash of whiskey to their coffees to warm their spirits and bodies. When one of the passengers asked if they were drinking Brazilian coffee, Sheridan said no, they were drinking "Irish Coffee". 

Irish Coffee made its way to North American just over a decade later. It was brought to the USA by Stanton Delaplane, a travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. He had sampled Irish Coffee while in Ireland and fell in love with the drink. We can’t blame him! He introduced Irish coffee at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco on November 10, 1952. 

Delaplane took his work adapting Irish Coffee seriously. He and the bar owners, George Freeberg and Jack Koeppler, nearly passed out drunk after sampling many variations of the drink. It turns out they were trying to recreate the Irish method for floating cream. Dedication paid off! Today Irish Coffee is enjoyed by millions worldwide. It is a lovely treat just about any time of day! 

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