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Locals and visitors looking for great company and amazing entertainment have always headed to the Croft Lounge at the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Since it's opening in 1965, Croft Lounge has enjoyed an exciting existence as one of Niagara Falls' most patronized establishments. Through the years, the Lounge has undergone several changes, however, no change is as extensive or exciting as its upcoming transformation: In December 2013, Doc Magilligan's Restaurant  & Irish Pub is scheduled to be unveiled.


Doc Magilligan

Doc Magilligan, the pub’s namesake, was great, great grandfather to Maureen Magilligan Cade - Managing Owner. Now, as the story was told, our good Doctor didn't want for a share of the ole’ legendary Irish charm. Admired for his nurturing care when he made his rounds, he was just as popular when buying yet another round for the lads. Thoroughly professional but still the life of the party, the beloved Doc was nothing if not the real deal!

Perfect then that Doc Magilligan’s Restaurant & Irish Pub will be the genuine article. Completely built in Ireland and then shipped to Niagara Falls, this magnificent establishment will be dishing up delicious, comfort-inspired fare, as well as craft and international brews in authentic “Irish-as-it-gets” surroundings. Doc would be right at home greeting his mates while resting his elbow on the grand Victorian bar.

Come on by and be part of the next chapter in the Doc Magilligan story.


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