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What's Beau's?

Beau’s All Natural Beer is a premium Ottawa Valley draught made from 100% organic ingredients and natural local spring water. It's award winning beer made independently. Beau's brewers are passionate about their beer and the quality. And that's why it's so good.

Beau's best describes themselves as:

"Local, Family-Run, Award Winning, Organic & Totally DIY Brewery"

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Why Beau's?

There are no artificial or sugary substitutes in this brew! Beau’s long aging process guarantees that the flavours come together beautifully, making its clean crisp taste a perfect pick for any beer lover. It's made locally in the Ottawa Valley and Beau's is independently, family run.

It's organic! There's no extracts in this product or animal by-products. It's made with only all natural ingredients and locally sourced spring water. 

It's award winning! Beau's has won many awards over years as both critics' and consumers' pick. It's world renown and loved. 

Where can you get Beau's?

At Doc Magilligan's! Doc's will have Beau's brew on tap to compliment our other craft beers we carry. We're proud to be the only location in the Niagara region to pour this delicious draught! Come by and enjoy a pint.

Visit to find out more about this awesome, craft beer!

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