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How many of these St. Paddy's Day facts do you know? 

St. Paddy's day is typically known for it's beer slinging celebration of St. Patrick. There's the leprechauns, the clovers, the corned beef & cabbage and the green - oh so much green!  However, most things you probably know about the holiday and the Saint - might be wrong - so who better than Doc's to set the record straight! 

St. Patricks Day Facts Niagara Falls St. Paddys Day

St. Patrick became associated with the colour green in the 1800s. 

1. St. Patrick's blue is actually a thing! Around the 1640s green was the adopted colour to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But, in 1783 the Order of St. Patrick adopted blue as it's colour and it led to blue celebrations! However by the 1790s, green became the colour of choice due to it's ties to Irish nationalism. Since then, the holiday has never looked back!

Snakes? What Snakes?

2. St. Patrick was said to have banished all the snakes and serpents out of Ireland. He sent them into the sea after he was attacked by them. However, evidence suggests that Ireland has far too cold to host any reptiles. So, while the story isn't 100% factual, scholars suggest that the serpent story is likely a metaphor. 

You can't celebrate St. Paddy's Day at home

3. For most of the 1900s, St. Paddy's day was a strict religious holiday and all of the pubs in Ireland were forced to be closed. By 1970, officials said enough was enough - and St. Patrick's Day became a national holiday. This change allowed pubs to stay open and revellers rejoiced!

A 4-leaf clover is rare - but still easier than winning the lottery

4. It's not impossible to find a find a four-leaf clover, but it is tricky. For every four-leaf clover that exists, there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers. Clover experts are still debating whether the three-leaf clover is created by genetics or the environment. Either way, if you find a three-leaf clover you should celebrate - they are said to bring good luck and each leaf represents faith, hope, love and luck. 

Fact: St. Paddy's Day at Doc's is the Best Day of the Year

5. Our St. Paddy's Day Party is going to be an absolute blast! Not only will we have the FDA Irish Dancers, but we'll have 3 bands. Barley Brae, Fear the Worst and the Associates will all be helping us celebrate St. Paddy's Day in style! We'll be drawing the winner for our trip for 2 to Dublin and we'll have authentic Irish food specials all-day long. Click here for information about the bands, dancers, food specials and St. Practice Day at Doc's on March 14th.

Doc Magilligan's is the only authentic Irish Pub in Niagara Falls. Located next to the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel at 6400 Lundy's Lane.