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Live music in Niagara Falls doesn't get any better than at Doc's - and we stand by that. The entertainment at Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub embodies all that live music should be – and we serve it up weekly. Seriously, come and check out any band in our weekly line up and we challenge you to sit still.

Consider Doc’s the official authority of quality pubs, if you will.  We've done the rounds, we've invested years in in-depth research, sampled countless beers and danced our soles thin at hundreds of establishments - in short, we've paid our dues. (It was tough, but we’re dedicated!) We know exactly what makes pub-based entertainment great and we've made sure we've offered you the best music in Niagara Falls.

So what actually makes for great live music at a pub? And why is Doc’s so indisputably awesome?

It’s Good Craic.
Sad music has its place, but for the most part it’s not the sort of music people come to pubs to enjoy. We offer up the best food, drinks and company around, so it’s only fitting that we’d also host the best music in Niagara Falls too. We’re talking toe tapping, foot stomping, hand clapping and butt shaking tunes that’ll amp up your beer buzz at no additional cost. 

This leads us to our next criteria...

It’s Free.
Like all the best things in life, our line up of live music is free – free and often. Join us every Thursday evening at 9pm, Friday and Saturday at 10pm and Sunday and 2pm for the most fantastic of Niagara Falls live music.

It’s Got Something for Everyone.
While many of the incredible musicians and bands who play at Doc’s have been inspired by Celtic and folk music, we don’t try to fit our talent into one category. It’s too big for that; it’s too bold. As a result, we guarantee just about everyone will love our line up. Its universal appeal is just one of the many reasons we have the best music in Niagara Falls.

Some of our regular talents include The Postmen, Madhatters, Barley Brae, Celtic Cross, Daryl Gray (Belfast Boy), Tim Shaughnessy and Steve Doucet as well as the famed U2 tribute band, Desire.

It’s Got Great Back Up.
And by back up, we mean us. The live entertainment at Doc’s can certainly stand on its own, but it always helps to have a solid support system. Patrons of our fine establishment not only get to sample the hottest live music in Niagara Falls, but they can also partake in our mouth-watering and thirst-quenching refreshments. Whether you’re joining us for a meal or a late night nibble and tipple, we’ve got classic Irish fare, fantastic fusions as well as premium Irish brews and International favourites on and off tap. Take a gander at our menu and beer selection.

Check out our entertainment schedule regularly to see what we have in store and then come on by and enjoy the ultimate venue for live music in Niagara Falls. We hope to see you soon every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday for a live music experience like no other -#LIVEATDOCS!

Charlie & The Bhoys

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