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Doc Magilligan’s is the premiere Irish Pub in Niagara Falls. Not only does it boast a delicious spread of traditional Irish fare and fusion, but it also has the best Irish brews on tap. Combine this with unparalleled hospitality, authentic Irish decor, and the good cheer of friends, family and fellow patrons and you’ve stumbled across the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; a true-blue (or green) Irish Pub in Niagara Falls. 
Here’s the thing: Many establishments throw the term ‘Irish Pub’ around pretty freely but fall short on delivering the whole package. So what actually makes an Irish Pub an Irish Pub?
There’s actually no simple answer to this question. Like many things, Irish Pubs have evolved over time and migrated to other countries. As such, they’ve had to adapt and adopt new characteristics, often to abide by new laws.
Let’s take a look at what historically constitutes and Irish Pub...
History of Irish Pubs

Pubs – or “public houses” date back to Roman times. They offered a place for the general public to gather to drink and eat without having to obtain any special memberships or associations. 
Irish Pubs flourished in the 19th century, providing the working class a place let loose, have a few pints, buy booze off-sale and - until the advent of supermarkets and hardware stores - they were also a place to pick up some groceries and hardware items. 
The atmosphere in Irish Pubs was characteristically light and jovial. The good times flowed easily with the ale and the publican (pub owner) prided himself on providing patrons with a wide assortment of drinks, including top quality Irish whiskey. Often, Irish Pubs also operated as Inns to afford weary travellers a place to lay their heads.
While some things have changed (many pubs cannot sell off sale anymore, for instance), any Irish Pub worth its salt will still honour as many of the original pub characteristics as possible – and Doc Magilligan’s certainly does that. No fancy gimmicks, no Blarney, just good craic. 

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Doc Magilligan’s: The only authentic Irish Pub in Niagara Falls

Doc Magilligan’s is the only authentic Irish Pub in Niagara Falls and one of the very few Irish Pubs in Canada that not only serves up fantastic traditional Irish food and the best rounds in town, but also has an adjoining hotel for guests to enjoy a night’s repose. You won’t find another Irish Pub in Niagara Falls that’s more hospitable, inviting and accommodating.

Here’s where things get even more Irish: Much of the pub itself was constructed in Ireland, making Doc Magilligan’s the best Irish Pub in Niagara Falls in spirit and in actuality. From the Irish-built Grand Victorian Bar, to the deep, rich woods and lush inviting seating, to the premium beers, wines and liquors and a bangers and mash lovin’ menu, everything about this Irish Pub speaks to warm welcomes and good cheer.

We look forward to having you join us!

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