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Niagara College's Award Winning Craft Beer on Tap!

Like many of our beers on tap this one has a story. It’s not uncommon to find a smooth, light bodied beer on tap in an establishment such as ours, although Butler’s Bitter is not your typical beer. This beer is a craft made recipe from our local Niagara-on-the-Lakes Niagara College Brewery, specializing in delicious, unique craft beers.


Craft Beer in Niagara Falls

Brewmaster, Jon Downing holds a degree in Commerce from Birmingham University along with further training at the United States Brewers Academy. Hailing from the UK alongside the traditions of brewing, Jon has helped over 100 brewery start ups, including a pilot brewery for Diageo (Guinness) and an experimental facility for recycling beer. He understands all aspects of opening and running a brewery having opened and operated the first brewpub in Ontario, as well as a local Micro Brewery and Brew on Premise. There is no wonder why Niagara College accepted Jon when he approached them almost 8 years ago to start up a Brewing program to compliment their Viticulture and Culinary endeavours. We for one are sure glad they accepted!

Niagara Brewed Craft Beer

Butler’s Bitter is made from a 200-year-old recipe from the war of 1812. It is known for having a traditional recipe that perfectly represents a “light bodied, smooth drinking, English style Bitter [which] has a copper brown colouring, a floral/roasted malt scent and a taste of rye bread and black coffee” (Teaching Brewery, Products Page). Butler’s Bitter is also a well-known award-winning brew, taking home Gold in the Ontario Brewing Awards (Amber Ale Category), Gold in the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2013 and 7 other awards over the last 3 years! This craft beer is sure to impress even the most devoted of craft beer connoisseurs.

Never tried a Niagara brewed craft beer before? Swing by Doc Magilligan’s Restaurant & Irish Pub, located on Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls and let us pour you a pint of Niagara’s very own Butler’s Bitter. 

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